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The Next Generation Sequencing facility of the BioInterfaces research program at KIT proposes a wide range of deep sequencing applications, from library preparation to data analysis. These services are available to the scientific community in Germany and world-wide.

A robust framework of technologies for the generation of libraries (Covaris S220, QuBit2, Bioanalyser and LabChipXT) combined with the Illumina technology of sequencing allow us to produce high quality sequencing data. In addition, up-to-date bioinformatics pipelines have been developed for fast and accurate data analysis.


Our portfolio of sequencing projects

  • Whole Genome sequencing (gDNA and gDNA PCR-free)
  • Transcriptome sequencing (mRNAseq and total RNAseq)
  • Small RNA sequencing
  • ChIP sequencing
  • And any other project on demand


Classical steps for a NGS project

The process for a sequencing project is divided into two main steps, the initial inquiry and the sequencing itself.

After the project design and agreement, you have to inquire about quantity and quality of material to provide us. Please have a look on our webpage about Sample submission. Going along with the samples, you have to provide a properly filled submission form and to return a signed cost-estimation.

The first step is to assess the quality and the quantity of the samples. Then the library is prepared and according to the project design the sequencing is done. For any sequencing project, the quality of the raw sequencing data is assessed.



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How to contact us

For any questions and request you can contact the NGS facility crew by email. To get a answer faster, please be as explicite as possible in the object of your email.




Last modified: August 18, 2016