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Gary Davidson - Publications

Davidson, G#. and Niehrs, C#. (2010) Emerging links between CDK cell cycle regulators and Wnt signaling. Trends Cell Biol, 20, 453-460. (# corresponding author)

Davidson, G. (2010) The cell cycle and Wnt. Cell Cycle, 9, 1667-1668.

Davidson, G.#*, Shen, J. *, Huang, Y.L., Su, Y., Karaulanov, E., Bartscherer, K., Hassler, C., Stannek, P., Boutros, M. and Niehrs, C#. (2009) Cell cycle control of wnt receptor activation. Dev Cell, 17, 788-799.
(# corresponding author, * equal contribution)

Abrami, L., Kunz, B., Deuquet, J., Bafico, A., Davidson, G. and van der Goot, F.G. (2008) Functional interactions between anthrax toxin receptors and the WNT signalling protein LRP6. Cell Microbiol, 10, 2509-2519.

Bilic, J., Huang, Y.L., Davidson, G., Zimmermann, T., Cruciat, C.M., Bienz, M. and Niehrs, C. (2007) Wnt induces LRP6 signalosomes and promotes dishevelled-dependent LRP6 phosphorylation. Science, 316, 1619-1622.

Davidson, G.#*, Wu, W. *, Shen, J., Bilic, J., Fenger, U., Stannek, P., Glinka, A. and Niehrs, C#. (2005) Casein kinase 1 gamma couples Wnt receptor activation to cytoplasmic signal transduction. Nature, 438, 867-872.
(# corresponding author, * equal contribution)

del Barco Barrantes, I., Davidson, G., Gröne, H.J., Westphal, H. and Niehrs, C. (2003) Dkk1 and noggin cooperate in mammalian head induction. Genes Dev., 17, 2239-2344.

Davidson, G., Mao, B., Del Barco Barrantes, I. and Niehrs, C. (2002) Kremen proteins interact with Dickkopf1 to regulate anteroposterior CNS patterning. Development, 129, 5587-5596.

Mao, B., Wu, W., Davidson, G., Marhold, J., Li, M., Mechler, B.M., Delius, H., Hoppe, D., Stannek, P., Walter, C. et al. (2002) Kremen proteins are Dickkopf receptors that regulate Wnt/beta-catenin signalling. Nature, 417, 664-667.

Davidson, G., Dono, R. and Zeller, R. (2001) FGF signalling is required for differentiation-induced cytoskeletal reorganisation and formation of actin-based processes by podocytes. J Cell Sci, 114, 3359-3366.



Revised: November 15, 2010