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Press Releases

  • July 2019
  • June 2016
    • A superporous scaffold formed from the cryogelation of poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate (PEGda) with a defined elasticity for the efficient cultivation of prostate cancer cells has been described by ITG and other KIT researchers. This work has been rated a top story in one of the weekly newsletters of Prostate Cell News that serves the global prostate cell research community with the newest information for both laboratory and clinical settings [ https://www.prostatecellnews.com/ ].


  • July 2012



  • March 2012
    • How Muscle Cells Seal Their Membranes [ english ]   [ deutsch
    • The Upper Rhine Network in Synthetic Biology (NSB-UpperRhine) develops a trinational research and training program.
      [ english ]





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