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Functional and stimuli-responsive polymer surfaces


     Group Leader: Pavel Levkin

     tel.: +49 721 608 29175
     fax: +49 721 608 24673
     email: levkin∂kit.edu

     External webpage: http://www.levkingroup.com/

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We are a young research group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and at the University of Heidelberg that uses organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, cell biology and microbiology approaches to develop innovative research tools and to answer important biological questions.

The goal of our research is to gain better understanding of biological interfaces and to advance our ability to effectively control and direct behavior of eukaryotic cells and bacteria. We are developing biologically active functional polymer surfaces and materials, "smart" switchable polymer surfaces, and gradient surfaces, which we use for investigation of biointerfaces, for studying cell- or bacteria-surface interactions, for studying biofouling and for creating "smart" culture devices. Our motivation is to create polymer films and coatings that will improve performance of existing biomedical devices, implants and cell culture dishes. Our research is very interdisciplinary and we closely collaborate with biologists, microbiologists and physicists.






Updated: December 10, 2015